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More Energy Saving and Environmental Friendly
Permanent magnet synchronous Door and Gearless Traction Machine,Small occupancy、Low Noise,Saving 50% energy compare to Asynchronous Door and Geared Traction Machine, Operational efficiency improvement of 25% more,Transmission efficiency improvement of 90% more, not only saving energy but also improving the operating efficiency .

 More Comfort

Innovative cabin structure, beveled edge Cabin Design and increase of the weight of the Cabin. Reducing the Vibration and noise during the operation.
Using an Integrated controller making the lift run more smoothly during the operation and stop. Increasing the efficiency of comfort to the passengers boarding experience.
VVVF Door Operator, it can effectively control the speed and torque, position in real-time door monitoring, which is safe and reliable.

More Safety

With a set up intercom system built inside the cabin, getting in touch with people outside of the cabin under any circumstances at any time or in a matter of an emergency.
With an Optional Lift UPS  power backup supply , due to the power grid caused by sudden power outages which would shut down the lifts, UPS will automatically restart the lift to the best leveled position and keep in open state to avoid locking people inside the cabin.

Infrared light curtain doors use systems which allows infrared lift doors to form dense cross screens, quick to respond to any person and objects near or around the door area, to ensure that the lift can’t cause any unexpected injury.

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