freeSTAIR with seat

The freeSTAIR system with seat has been specially designed to help users of all ages who have difficulty climbing stairs. The system is custom-made for each individual application, so can be fitted to any staircase – either indoor or outdoor, and in houses with both straight and curved staircases. The KLEEMANN freeSTAIR system with seat is available in a number of different models, providing solutions to meet the needs of any user.

  • Installed on either right or left side of the staircase
  • Minimum installation space required
  • Multiple mounted solutions for guide rails
  • Seat folds neatly away to save space
  • Minimal maintenance requirements

  • Indoor or outdoor installation
  • Designed for maximum safety and comfort
  • Remote control with ‘hold to run’ buttons
  • Variety of seat and metal structure colours
  • EC Declaration of Conformity